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My Ramble



I'm Peter Slocombe and I live in South Pasadena with my wife Jess and our Cat Tikka, or Tikki, or sometimes "Tikki Loves to Party" sung like the theme song from the Golden Girls. I'm a multi instrumentalist with a Masters in music with an emphasis on Jazz studies and saxophone performance. I also play other woodwinds, guitar, piano, and like to sing. 


For as long as I can remember I've loved music, it's my escape, it's the reason I'm up today at 6:30am writing this after coming in late last night. My world is getting more complicated, child on the way (yes I'm excited...and terrified), working three jobs to make ends meet, and creative music time is getting harder to find.

I've had great highs and lows! I've been broken and beat down by this industry, it's been hard sometimes, we've struggled to make ends meet and questioned why we continue to live in California. But Music has also taken me around the globe visiting beautiful places, meeting genuine kind inspiring creatives, and performing in front of wonderful audiences from a few passionate connoisseurs to tens of thousands of screaming  fans. 


So as I stare into the morning haze that will burn off later to be another gorgeous  Southern California day, I'll say this: I'm thankful for my life and music, I'm feeling creatively inspired, I've got a new set of songs coming out that I can't wait to share, and in the words of the great Randy Newman, "I love L.A."


Yeah honey they ain't driving us out of here yet!

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