New Year, New Website, New Me!

I have a Blog! Not even sure if you are supposed to captilize that, but hey it's my first post. Either way I'm gonna make a genuine effort to post 1x a month and maybe some people will find some enjoyment reading it. So without further ado here goes nothing.

Well 2015 was forgettable, other than the very exciting super awesome moment where I got engaged to Jess of course. But other than that we had another family member pass away, a forced move by my old landlord and a number of crappy music business set backs. Every few years I find myself loosing a bit of the drive that keeps me motivated to grind away at this crazy dream, and 2015 was one of those years. I am happy to say though that it does return and I feel 2016 is gonna be great!! At least that's my opinion two weeks in, but that's good enough for now!

So where to start.... I've been working on the new and improved Peter Slocombe Music website and it's starting to really come together. I've been taking an online music business course that goes into some serious detail about how to effectively utilize social media and the world wide web to boost your music following and find some exposure for your paticular brand of music. (Stay tuned for annoying email alerts, blasted Facebook news feed posts, and annoying self involved pictures) I've been working on releasing my Indiegogo funded full band EP "A One Way Ride" which has been a mammoth undertaking but is finally set to come out soon! (I promise :)) Oh and I've also been interviewing with some various non-profit teaching opportunities for more work during the weeks helping out inner city kids with music and general subject problems.

So I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing break and have some exciting new projects of your own. I'll leave you with a lyric video I made of the single "Ain't Gonna Spend It On You" from the upcoming EP "A One Way Ride". Enjoy!!

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