Album Launch And New Headshots

Check out the Soundcloud link below to stream the new album!!

Ok been a crazy month with a bunch of new exciting things happening. Got a new professional photo shoot done with ES Photo out in Thousand Oaks, CA. Released the new EP "A One Way Ride" on Feb 23rd and had a nice response from the Facebook community and Indiegogo campaigners. Finished the new website and have been working hard looking at marketing strategies to optimize it in search engines and get it working really cohesively. Pretty much a bunch of busy work and not a lot of time to get down to the creative nitty gritty (A.K.A. the fun stuff), but I'm planning on getting together some nice vid footage next month of some covers and a new promo reel.

Also starting up teaching with YMF at a couple sites in downtown L.A next month working with some kiddies on flute and clarinet! Alright off to do some tutoring, hope you enjoy the new tunes!

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Peter Slocombe