Baby Shower Music, Reviews, And Promo Video

Alright missed my monthly deadline for March by a few days but I'm committed to staying on top of this blog. March was a bit slow as far as live gigging is concerned, but I had a couple of live dates and some interesting other music stuff happening. Started my first month of teaching with YMF a non-profit artist teacher program in the inner city schools of L.A working with 4th- 7th grade on flute and clarinet. Got some nice reviews of my newest album "A One Way Ride" coming in (I'll include some links in the bottom). I played a club date with the Allen G Orchestra on saxophone and also did a solo country gig on guitar and vocals for the Michael Phelps Baby Shower which was pretty crazy.

Here are some are links to the reviews and some new music vids for March. Enjoy!

Indiebandguru review:

Anthem Review:

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